Pittsburg – 444.800 – K0PRO

The Pittsburg 444.800 repeater is DMR only.

  • The repeater is networked to the KS-DMR Network via K0USY’s IPSC bridge.


  • Antenna: Antenna Specialists
  • Feedline: LDF6-50A
  • Duplexer: Decibel Products
  • Output: 25 watts
  • RF deck: Motorola XPR8300
  • Height (AGL): 500 feet
  • Location: 4 mi. south of downtown Pittsburg, KS.

DMR Setup:

  • Your radio will have to be programmed with your unique DMR ID (obtained from the RadioID.net website)
  • Each channel will have to be configured with:
    • RX Freq: 444.800
    • TX Freq: 449.800
    • Color Code: 1
    • The time slot and group contact ID from the list below:

K0PRO Repeater TGID table

Table showing the available group contact ID's on this repeater.
Voice for Linked Group91
Kansas Statewide31202
Subscriber to Subscriber calls (brief)(Private radio ID)1

To access any of the available linked groups:

  • Select the channel programmed with TS1:TG9.
  • Go into your contact list, select the talkgroup (from the list below) you wish to link to and key PTT for two seconds with the desired linked group selected. When you unkey the link will be activated.
  • When your radio display reverts back to S1:G9 you may begin talking.
    • Note: The linked group ID’s are to be used for in-band signalling to trigger link activation, not to talk on. All voice traffic for linked groups happens on TS1:TG9.
  • Please don’t do this to “lurk” on a group.
  • Linked groups remain active for 15 minutes after the last local transmission, and only one linked group is available at a time.
  • Please do not transmit voice on any TGID not listed above.

Here is a video that demonstrates contact-based linking.

K0PRO Linkable Groups

GroupTrigger ID
MARC Worldwide1
MARC North America3
MARC Worldwide (English)13
BM Worldwide91
BM Arkansas3105
BM Missouri3129
BM Nebraska3131
BM Oklahoma3140
BM BYRG (default on)31201
BM CKRG31204
BM Missouri ARES31290
BM SW Missouri31291
BM SW Missouri Skywarn31297
BM Central Oklahoma31401
BM Eastern Oklahoma31402