KS-DMR is a consortium of smaller in-state network operators who joined together to form KS-DMR. Donations made to KS-DMR are used to fund this web site and are divided among the co-conspirators, based on a mutual agreement regarding each group’s current needs and priorities. KS-DMR encourages direct donations of money and/or equipment to each of the individual network operators that make up KS-DMR. These individual network operators own and operate all of the repeaters, and hence have the vast majority of expenses. Consider making a donation to the group whose repeater(s) you most often use!


Accepts monetary donations through PayPal

K0USY Group

Accepts monetary donations through PayPal, and equipment from the list below

Equipment in order of need:

Pittsburg Repeater Organization

K0PRO spends approximately $3,000/year operating two repeaters. If you wish to financially support K0PRO, please make PayPal donations to the PayPal account “”

Donations do not imply any special service or privilege.