Network Backend Updated

This update is long, long overdue. The network backend, and really the whole repeater network has seen a lot of changes since the diagrams were last updated.

New Diagrams Posted

First off, the Topeka and Bashor machines were sold, and the Lawrence was moved to a very low location. Would love to get Lawrence back higher in the air, but without the commercial tower rent. So we wait, maybe someday.

To make matters more interesting, it’s no secret that Justin Reed and I took a bit of a hiatus from the often under-appreciated work of maintaining all of this. Well, we’re both recharged and back at it – albeit with the wisdom that comes from additional years, we won’t be overextending ourselves this time.

A few other things to note. I left employment at KanREN (The Kansas Research and Education Network) and as such, had to remove the KS-DMR infrastructure from their facilities. But we did still end up with a very solid connection via AT&T Fiber, which isn’t as nice as KanREN, but is still better than the low-end cloud hosting we used to use.

Nothing to Complain About

We also added P25 and YSF modes + linking to nearly every repeater in the network, and a few of them in the K0USY group even added analog access with linking via asterisk (allstarlink, but standalone).

If you’re finding this post, definitely head on over the the network backend page and have a look at how things have changed. And oh yeah, have a cute cat photo while you’re here too!

He’s Mocking Me

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