Clay Center 442.750 Joins KS-DMR

May 8, 2020 – KS-DMR continues seeing growth in coverage area, the number of users and repeaters connected to the network, and thanks to the WA0EDA Skunkworks and the work of Cort Buffington, N0MJS, we’re introducing the first repeater installation using the new STM32-DM-MASTR3 modem card!

The latest addition to the network, and the first using the STM32-DVM-MASTR3, is the 442.750 repeater near Clay Center. This repeater has been a member of the K-Link Repeater Network since 2007, and was upgraded yesterday from the old GE Mastr II to a newer Harris Mastr III. Since this repeater is a critical element to K-Link and the Skywarn community, we were able to take advantage of the Mastr III’s flexible programming capability which allows FM and digital modes to co-exist on the same repeater while being able to define which mode has priority and most importantly, have it behave in a predictable way. As with the other repeaters which reside on both K-Link and KS-DMR, FM mode has priority, but this can be changed as local users begin to adopt DMR for it’s increased intelligibility in fringe coverage area and it’s ability to host two conversations at the same time on the same repeater.

Because this repeater operates as FM and DMR, we did not move it into the 5 Frequency pair plan that the rest of KS-DMR operates in. You’ll need to add this repeater separately into your radio program. This repeater covers Clay county and surrounding areas. For more information check out the info page here.

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