STM32-DVM-MTR2K & STM32-DVM-MASTR3 Information

From the creator, Cort Buffington, N0MJS:

This page and associated content have been removed from public view. Existing customers of WA0EDA STM32-DMV-MTR2K and/or STM32-DVM-MASTR3 modems may email for a new link to the information previously available here.

I had already made the decision to cease production of modems for new customers, but have also seen an increase support requests from people who had obtained my modems 2nd-hand, or who have bought similar modems elsewhere. Too many of these requests have been unreasonable, and I’ve reached the point of almost wanting to just quit ham radio entirely. I’m truly sorry for those who I have offended, but I really don’t owe you anything if you didn’t buy the modem from me, or used alternative software on the NEO, which I explicitly stated I cannot support.

I will continue to support these modems for the original purchasers with e-mail tech support and software updates – but have always been quite clear, this isn’t how I earn a living. It’s a side project, and my hope was to break even, and make a few bucks to have fun with my family to say thanks to them for all of the late nights at the bench. We were able to take a trip to Great Wolf Lodge right before the pandemic struck – and it was funded by what I “paid myself” for my time on the modems.

Thank you to those who supported the project – I’ve met a lot of great folks throughout this. I hope to return to these activities in the future when I start stepping down to retirement and can focus on it at least half time. Unfortunately, I just can’t continue with the volume of non-original customer, out of warranty expectations for warranty service, and non-customer expectations under my current circumstances.