MMDVM Modem Information

To make them easier to find, we’ve created this page to navigate the blog pages pertaining to the STM32-DVM-MTR2K and STM32-DVM-MASTR3 boards.

The vast majority of the STM32-DVM-MTR2K and SMT32-DVM-MASTR3 are electrically identical. Both use the same filters, the same modem processors, NanoPI NEO single board computer, etc. Most of the information contained here is applicable to both.


Manuals for Current Versions:



Updating Firmware

To update firmware on the ATMega328 from the NanoPi NEO, use the following command line from whatever directory the .hex file is located. You will need to have “GPIO” library installed (see articles) and avrdude.

gpio mode 10 out; gpio write 10 0; gpio write 10 1; gpio mode 10 in; avrdude -c arduino -p ATMEGA328P -P /dev/ttyS2 -b 57600 -U flash:w:STM32-DVM-MTR2K_v2_0b.hex

Binary Modem Firmware Files For Both Boards

Binary Firmware Files for the STM32-DVM-MTR2K I/O Processor

  • ATMEGA328P – 20200329 release with startup light show
  • ATMEGA328P – 20200105 release with host I/O communication
  • ATMEGA328P – First release version I/O Processor used in v2

CAD/CAM File for Making Your Own STM32-DVM-MTR2K

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