How To Join

Kansas-based Pi-Star/MMDVM Repeater Operators:

If you are interested in testing your repeater on the KS-DMR network, you can try out the KS-DMR Duplex Hotspot server. This will give you an experience similar to the full-feature KS-DMR Repeater server, minus some of the linkable talkgroups. We do enforce a limit of 10 simultaneous duplex hotspot connections, so the hotspot server should only be used by repeaters as an evaluation or by repeater owners who only want occasional access.

If you’re interested in adding your Kansas-based MMDVM or Motorola IPSC DMR repeater full-time to the KS-DMR system, contact us via e-mail.

If you own a Kansas-based MMDVM-based System Fusion repeater and would like to join KS-DMR, simply select US-Kansas3120 as the YSF Network.

If you’re interested in seeing the KS-DMR network backend layout, check out this page.