That’s right. MMDVM now has native analog FM capabilities! I honestly didn’t think this would ever happen, but it has, and has been incorporated into the mainline MMDVM code as of a few days ago

Partial Github directory listing of the MMDVM source code files for FM

This will be a game changer for many who want to use MMDVM yet maintain a simple setup for their repeaters. Rest assured that the WA0EDA Skunkworks is already close to releasing modem firmware updates for the STM32-DVM-MTR2K and STM32-DVM-MASTR3 to accommodate this new feature.

It is as of yet unknown how or where KS-DMR will deploy this feature, because as of yet, there’s no analog linking ability – thus a dual-mode KS-DMR & K-Link system wouldn’t be possible to implement this way. Chances are the KS-DMR machines in Lawrence and Lecompton, which do standalone analog FM today will be moved to this within the next few weeks.

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