Link Table Change

At a user’s request, we added 31204 (Brandmeister – CKRG) to the link table.

We also removed 31203 (Brandmeister – KansasLink) due to non-use.

This change is effective on the KS-DMR main system, as well as the KS-DMR Quiet VHF, K0PRO, and Duplex Hotspot systems.

Below is a list of the current linkable networks and talk groups.

— KS-DMR Admin team.

KS-DMR Linkable Groups

GroupTrigger ID
MARC Worldwide1
MARC North America3
MARC Worldwide (English)13
BM Worldwide91
BM Arkansas3105
BM Colorado3108
BM NoCo3171
BM Missouri3129
BM Nebraska3131
BM Oklahoma3140
BM BYRG31201
BM CKRG31204

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