TAC 310, 311 Removed

After some deliberation, KS-DMR has removed TAC310 and TAC311 from the link group table.

TAC310 was originally a place where hams in the USA could go to hold a conversation away from the busier nationwide talk groups.

A dial-on-demand group to facilitate near point-to-point communications using ham radio DMR networks. This allows for conversations to exist between two subscribing (or more) end-points, dropping on the participating repeaters after ten minutes of inactivity.

From the Brandmeister 310 Wiki page.

As it turned out, TAC310 became the place where thousands of hotspot owners “kerchunk” their hotspot daily, in addition to becoming a world-wide hangout that made TAC310 busier than the talkgroups it was intended to be the “getaway” from. This made it really difficult to actually use, because you couldn’t get a word in edgewise, or take the link back down. TAC 311 was removed because it’s never been activated by any user of KS-DMR, so it’s simply not worth the log data that is being generated by the traffic on the OBP side. This problem really underscored the issues inherent with Brandmeister’s way of doing things, in that every single talkgroup is world-wide accessible, and therefore is going to be abused as such, rather than having talkgroups available in a hierarchical system where some groups are local, some are regional, and some are world-wide.

July 4 addendum: We’ve been getting “spam” from Brandmeister users across the USA asking questions or being irate about our decision to remove TAC310 based on Brandmeister users’ gross mis-use of the DMRX TAC-310 talkgroup. We are an independent network operator in Kansas with links to Brandmeister and DMR-MARC. If you are not physically located in Kansas AND are using our network, this change will have zero impact on you. KS-DMR is not affiliated with Brandmeister or DMRX and cannot answer questions on their behalf. Comments on this post have been disabled.