Call Stats – May 2019

Listed below are the KS-DMR call statistics for the month of May 2019.

Note: This is a count of successfully terminated calls with a duration of at least 2.0 seconds.

Total calls originated within the KS-DMR system: 3201

Total calls originated on each repeater:
Basehor: 319
El Dorado: 6
Hays West: 73
Hays East: 24
Lawrence: 487
Lecompton: 161
Logan: 36
Manhattan: 480
McPherson: 128
Minneapolis: 276
Minneapolis VHF: 10
Paola: 38
Topeka: 598
Topeka VHF: 5
Simplex Hotspots: 37
Duplex Hotspots: 205

K0PRO: 217

Total calls originated by System Fusion users: 101

grep 2019-05-* /media/justin/2013*/HBLogs/hblink* |grep "CALL END" |grep "(*SX_HS*)" |grep -v "Duration: 0." |grep -v "Duration: 1." |wc -l

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